Why is Trump bad for humanity?

The fight against Trump isn’t political, it’s a fight against someone who’s trying to build a cult of followers and destroy the environment and our health. Health Trump gutted the CDC’s pandemic team by two thirds. src Trump knew about COVID-19 before January, refused to warn the public and warned wallstreet investors. src src Repeatedly ignored doctors and scientists, spread misinformation about masks, gutted the CDC even further and ignored the WHO’s recommendations while promoting a medicine that has been proven infective....

2020-10-24 · 2 min · OneOfOne

Go Vote Blue T-Shirt

My wife and I watched the debate, and well, it was a bad joke, while Biden was the clear winner over the other guy, it was just bad all around. My wife said I should make us something “geeky” and so I made a t-shirt because why not. I first made it just for us, but figured might as well share it. t-shirt on etsy.

2020-10-04 · 1 min · OneOfOne