Configure vim-go (gopls) the easy way

An (outdated) guide to configuring vim-go (go-pls) in neovim.

2021-07-15 · 1 min · OneOfOne

Go Vote Blue T-Shirt

My wife and I watched the debate, and well, it was a bad joke, while Biden was the clear winner over the other guy, it was just bad all around. My wife said I should make us something “geeky” and so I made a t-shirt because why not. I first made it just for us, but figured might as well share it. t-shirt on etsy.

2020-10-04 · 1 min · OneOfOne

Go / Go2 scratch script (or a quick local go playground)

A little script for a local go playground.

2020-10-04 · 2 min · OneOfOne

Vanity Go Import Paths with NGINX

The tl;dr version of setting up vanity Go import urls using nginx only.

2020-09-12 · 1 min · OneOfOne